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Kurt Miller Balticon GOH- A day in the life of a sought-after commercial artist. It’s almost impossible to walk through a book store, game store, or computer game store without seeing cover art from Kurt Miller. Join us as we discuss how computers have effected the life of this amazingly prolific artist. Guest hosted and mastered by John Taylor Williams of Wyrneck Studios

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    Kurt Miller currently resides in Hanford, California with his two dogs Willy and Cyan. He graduated from Maryland Institute College of Art with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Visual Communication and with an Award of Merit for Outstanding Achievement in Illustration. He has been in the visual communication field since 1990, going back to the days before the 3D generation; 8 of those years Kurt spent illustrating in the gaming entertainment industry.

    As an in house Lead Illustrator for Avalon Hill he was allowed full control to illustrate entire board game packages. His career has led him down many paths but none as rewarding as visual illustration. Later Kurt ventured into the computer world and went on board with a computer game company, Talonsoft. There he picked up on many types of software and developed some award winning titles. Computers and various programs have provided the tools to create unique visual perspectives, which help propel his clients to new levels of creative statement. His ability to conceptualize for these clients is highly regarded and allows them to focus on the written message while he explores the visual content.

    He's quite proud of the relationships he has developed over the years working with talented directors and marketing professionals who know the path to success. Computers give each of us instant access to an industry of resources which empower us to create beyond our own imaginations. Currently Kurt is a full time freelance Illustrator as the owner of KMI Studio, LLC in the town of York, Pennsylvania. Please take a moment and look over Kurt's creations. Thank you.


    • 3D Artist Magazine
    • Activision
    • Agora Inc.
    • Apogee Software
    • Art SceneInternational
    • Avalanche Press
    • Avalon Hill
    • Baen Books
    • Becker & Mayer
    • Book Span
    • Cafe Games
    • Cheese Wheasel Logistics
    • Computer Games Magazine
    • Creative Reality
    • Electronic Arts
    • Empire Interactive
    • Encore Software
    • Fantasy Flight Games
    • Gathering
    • Girls Life Magazine
    • Global Star
    • GMT Games
    • Hasbro Holiday Inn
    • History Reveald
    • Ibooks
    • id Software
    • Kaya Games
    • Kovel/Fuller
    • Marvel Comic
    • Medialand
    • Military Officer Magazine
    • Multi-Man Publisher
    • National Geographic
    • Nintendo
    • Personal Touch Product
    • Pop Top
    • Rio Grande Games
    • Silicon Dreams
    • Simon and Shuster
    • Simtex
    • Sony Interactive
    • Stratelibri Division
    • Take Two Interactive
    • Talonsoft
    • Triking Game
    • Twilight Creation
    • Valley Games
    • Victory Games
    • Ziggurat Games


    • Advertising
    • Books
    • Digital
    • Editorial
    • Fantasy
    • Games
    • Maps
    • Military
    • People
    • Packaging
    • Sci-Fi
    • Toy


    • Spectrum 23"Apatosaurus From Above"
    • 200 Best Illustrator Worldwide 2016"Apatosaurus From Above"
    • Society of Illustrator LA 54"Apatosaurus From Above","X-Wing Full Throttle"
    • Society of Illustrator LA 52"Provincia Romana","Giganotosaurus&Parasaurolophus"
    • Spectrum 20 "Under A Graveyard Sky"
    • IC Awards 2013 "Prehistoric Spikes" "T-Rex&Torosaurus" "Under A Graveyard Sky" " When Diplomacy Fails" "Der Rote Baron" "Hat In The Ring"
    • Society of Illustrator LA 51 SILVER "Prehistoric Spikes"
    • Society of Illustrator LA 51 BRONZE "Hat in the Ring"
    • Society of Illustrator LA 51 "UnderGraveyardSky", "BlueMax", T-Rex and Torosaurus".
    • IC Award 2013 "Red Baron""When Diplomacy Fails""Under a Graveyard Sky""T-Rex and Torosaurus""Prehistoric Spikes"
    • PLAY! International Art Competition Grand Prize Illustrator of the Year
    • PLAY! International Art Competition Gold "Dragon World"
    • PLAY! International Art Competition Silver "Amazon Legion"
    • Spectrum 18 "Amazon Legion"
    • AIW Rosslyn Show 2010 "Amazon Legion" "Liberte"
    • Origins 2010 Historic award "Hamilcar"
    • IC Award 2010 "Republic of Rome" Silver "Spectral Rail""One World One King""Hammers Slammers "One Good Soldier""The Last Centurion""The Black Loyalist"
    • 3D Artist Award 09 "Tuskegee Airmen" "One World One King" "Duke Nukem"
    • AIW Rosslyn Show 09 "Black Loyalist" "One World One King"
    • Society of Illustrators 50th New York City 08 "Railroad Tycoon 3" box
    • Polly Freas Artist Award Best In Show "Railroad Tycoon III"
    • AIW Rosslyn Show 08 "The Last Centurion" "The Red Dragon Symphony"
    • ARNO Art Award 08 "Hannibal" Gold medal
    • ARNO Art Award 08 "One Day On Mars" Gold medal
    • IC Award 08 "Railroad Tycoon 3" box cover
    • AIW Rosslyn Show 07 "Yellow Eyes" "Titan"
    • Digital Artworks CGG 07 " Wolf Who Rules"
    • Society of Illustrators 47th New York City "Railroad Tycoon" magazine cover
    • Expose 4 "Railroad Tycoon 3" Box cover Award of Excellent
    • Aphrodisia 06 "Vapor’s Gambit" Silver Medal "Stardancer" "Smoke Dancer"
    • Digital Artworks CGG 06 "Harald" "Kildar"
    • IC Award 06 "Chooser of the Slain" "Triceratop" "T-Rex the Ultimate Predator"
    • Aphrodisia 05 "Berserker Kill"
    • Digital Artworks CGG 05 "T-Rex" "The Weapon" "Into the Looking Glass"
    • Spectrum 11 "The Hero"
    • AIW Rosslyn Show 05 "T-Rex" "A Mammoth Journey"
    • Spectrum 10 "Outlive"
    • Origins 04 Fan Choice award "Successors"
    • AIW Rosslyn Show 04 "Berserker Man" "Into the Looking Flass"
    • AIW Rosslyn Show 03 "The Hero"
    • AIW Rosslyn Show 02 "Ivanhoe"
    • IC Award 01 "Outlive" Best of Show
    • IC Award "Clear Cutting"


    • 3Ds Max
    • Adobe Illustrator
    • Adobe Photoshop
    • Bryce 3D
    • Canvas
    • Daz Studio
    • Flash
    • Poser
    • Vue
    • Z Brush

    Guest of Honor

    • Balticon 43
    • Fencon VI
    • Archon 34
    • Ravencon
    • Con Stelation XXXII
    • LibertyCon 27
    • Kurt Miller Featured in these Magazine

      • Prehistoric Times summer 12
      • Advanced Photoshop Issue 26
      • Art Scene International Aug 08
      • 3D Artist Issue 6

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